(Limited edition) Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion is so beautiful.

(Limited edition) Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion is so beautiful.

that’s my style.


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Sulwhasoo perecting cushion (limited edition)

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion limited edition is really hot in this season. It launched April 2015.

And many of friend asks me to check available quantity and wholesale rate.

At last, products send to her new owner.


Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion (limited edition) including a refill product. : USD60.00

Wholesale rate is not big in this time. Supply quantity is quit limited.

Limited edition send to new owner.

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Special edition is so beautiful.













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Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion limited edition SPF50 : 15g + 15g _ USD60.00

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Fake? Real? hard to find-out (Mayu cream by Guerisson)

Fake? Real? Hard to find out.


Popular Korea beauty products distributed in China and South-East Asia.

The problem is that people cannot find out fake products.

Frankly speaking, in this time, I’m not able to distinguish fake and real without advise.

Yesterday I saw famous fake goods.



Mayu cream by Guerisson. Fake(left)…. Real(right)


Mayu cream by Guerisson. Left (fake)…. Right(real)


Do you find out difference of both goods?

Answer is color of horse and bay leaves. Real cream has more rich color.


Mayu cream by Guerisson(producted by Claire’s) is too famous, so it’s needless to explain.  Mayu cream is made by horse oil. If you search an effect of horse oil, you would like to try this product.

2014, Mayu cream sold over 100 billion dolloar in China market.

Up to my experience, mayu cream is too rich. I love fresh and light texture.

My staff has skin trouble (acne& red face) after using mayu cream because of oily texture, I think. Normally her face is very bright and clean. Therefore it’s mayu cream trouble.

She abused this company and got money back.

In spite of creamy texture, whitening&moisture effect is very good for me. I used it very very small.

At first, you should test products.

Korean lady loves a transparent clean face. It makes you look younger. We believe it.

Whatever, I think, you cannot find out real and fake.


Real Mayu cream is USD54.00.

Fake Mayu cream is USD8.00.


Mayu cream and Cloud 9 cream(anti-freckle, whitening) are very famous product in Claire’s.  Whitening, whitening,whitening..

In addition to say, it’s easily discolored. You should check product date and use it soonest. This is a natural cosmetic product.

ha ha….










China protect own beauty company. Small biz traders in trouble….


China protects own beauty company. Small biz traders in trouble….



As you know,  Chinese Customs House whistled Korea cosmetic products not to cross a border.  Just top brand can export for itself.

From June 2015, China Custom House proclaimed that cosmetic hand-carry-cargo cannot go into China.

For long time, small biz owner sent cargo with cheap transport cost by hand carry service to China.
We had no problem, but from Feb.2015, Chinese board Customs officer hold or returned a hand carry cargo without notice. If you’re lucky, Customs house give you a reason. Most of case, cargo have kept in Board Customs warehouse. That’s signal of problem.


I advised clients to divide shipment under 15kg. Because of transport cost, traders bind cargo not separate.

Some of these cargo impounded in China Customs or pended in the long line to declare.

One of client sent goods in Feb.2015 and his friend took it in May in China. Without explain, no excuse, they should wait and wait. I understand their pain physically and emotionally.

They cannot sell goods in the market because of dirty shape.

If you plan to send cargo to China, you’d better discuss with professional transporter.







Seoul MERS gone and Newly start second-half year.


Other shop opened but no people in May 2015.

July 2015 is the most difficult season to survive in Seoul.

MERS hit my shop too. So, we closed several days.

And I can distinguish good person and bed person.

Plus, I have big deal with my partner. Very good deal.

I can take enough time to take care of my children.

This is time to grow my physical strength.

During a few years, I have no time to rest .


Myongdong in Seoul, 22nd June 2015. People come back.

Consequently Mers is good for me.

My partner is going to renewal shop and staff will join more.

From end of June, people come back to market. But I expect it takes more time to meet tourist and buyers.

So…… Korea Cosmetic Big brothers make big promotions to activate depressed market to invite 200 tourist, wholesalers and logistic agents to let them tour Cosmetic factory, Jeju island popular sites and traditional culture performance..

We can expect many event and promotion after this second-half.

Chance to take Korea Cosmetics since Mersc in Korea

Korea Cosmetic Industry and Mers in Korea  June, 2015


Generally I’m very too busy to enter wordpress from April to June… Before Summer Vance, many event and price off days makes me exhaust. But 2015 May to June, I have early Summer vacation because of MERSC.

The most of my client, shop visitors are Chinese. And my e-mail clients are almost Asian.

Up to MERSC in Korea, most of my client hold their visiting and purchasing.

For me and my staff, at first time, we were  happy for sudden breaking time. A week later, we’re worring of our slow sales. Two week after, one staff gone her early Summer vacation.

Well, I think this is very good chance for whole saler and midsize-saler to collect their cosmetic bucket with good price.

It was difficult to bind wholesale products with low price in general. Korea beauty product specially masksheet was always limited to supply and purchase. But nowaday, I can collect enough quantity of product in wholesale market because of MERSC. Factories and Cosmetic Brands have red sign for export and canceled goods flowed into wholesales  market. So… if you plan to get Korea goods, this is time.

Mersc will not follow products.

Innisfree May Big Sale! 50% ~ 30% 2015.5.7.~2015.5.9.

This innisfree May Big Sale!  50%~20% 2015.5.7.~2015.5.9.

In May, there’s many special days. Children’s day, Mather & Father’s day,  Teacher’s day, Buddha’s Birth day….

If you have a plan to purchase some cosmetic, I suggest you to check Innisfree big sale event.

may sale 1

This is 50% sale product. As you can see, its real squeeze mask is 50% discount.  This is under wholesale price.

So, some of road shop says ” out of stock – maskpack”.  And maskpack series sold-out very soonest.

may sale 2

And this is 30% discount product. If your boyfriends need some skin lotion or essence or sunblock, this is very good chance.

may sale 3

Finally 20% discount product.

Face make-up product is famous and popular for its quality and kind price.

So discount is only 20%. Not enough for me.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of innisfree, this is good chance……. http://www.innisfree.co.kr

Before open shop in the morning…




















In fact, I have really no time to enter my wordpress.  In this Spring, I almost exhausted by sales promotion.

Very early morning, my staff should unpack and display goods. But we have no time because of early visitors.

This is very happy for us, but shop is still in the mess.




Truly I appreciate my friends request and asking. Up to them, I can stand my position and my career.

Thank you, all of friends. I’ll try to keep your words and go with you.

This is May sales promotion. In fact, this is very very big SALE.


Next time, I’ll tell you about May SALE.


Thank you~~~