Slick transparence – Strawberry maskpack

Slick transparence – strawberry backpack 

“innisfree it’s real squeeze mask” …….. US$1/sheet


It’s strawberry season. so it’s cheap and very sweet.

I love it. Please enjoy my strawberry maskpack review!

The mask claims to help moisten and brighten skin.

The smell of strawberry on this mask is not my style. Fortunately smell isn’t too strong and a few minutes after smell disappear.

When I took off maskpack, my skin did feel moisturized and brighter.

The next day, still I feel hydrated face. The brightening strawberry and anti-aging pomegranate mask left my skin clearer and more nourished respectively but there weren’t any dramatic changes. The serum/liquid on the mask is light and watery and so the skin doesn’t feel sticky once you remove the mask.

This makes these a great option for prepping the skin before putting on a make-up.


1.manufacture : Innisfree of origin : Republic of Korea

3.volume : 20ml

4.major ingredients : Niacinamide, strawberry extract(200mg), orange peel extract, camellia leaf extract, fruit extract of baeknyeoncho

5.product description : sweet strawberry extract provide silky cear skin tone. Jeju green complex penetrate deep into skin providing moisture for bright and clear skin.
triple layer sheet provide long lasting moisture and keep essence moist for long hours giving quick skin absorption to use : after face wash use toner. take out the mask, apply onto face gently.remove after 15minutes, tap lightly the excess amount of essence for absorption.



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