SEP “Corest mask” – Luxury face lifting mask

“Corset mask” in Luxury skin clinic – SEP corset mask sheet.




This is not popular masksheet because of high price.

But “SEP corset mask” gains its reputation by customers who go to clinic to take care of their youth.

This mask sheet is known as high-class sheet.

SEP Corset mask sheet is known as luxury skin clinic mask in Seoul, Korea.


Word of mouth marketing is very effective for beauty product.

Day by day, my client questioned me this mask sheet.

And SEP company starts its brand marketing in wholesale distributors.


Like its name “corset mask”,  main effect of this mask is face lifting.

It’s needless to say a word. I ask you to try it.

You can enjoy face lifting with hyrated gel mask. Plus its lace is very unique and beautiful.











[Corset mask US$9.00 during sales promotion]




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