Seoul MERS gone and Newly start second-half year.


Other shop opened but no people in May 2015.

July 2015 is the most difficult season to survive in Seoul.

MERS hit my shop too. So, we closed several days.

And I can distinguish good person and bed person.

Plus, I have big deal with my partner. Very good deal.

I can take enough time to take care of my children.

This is time to grow my physical strength.

During a few years, I have no time to rest .


Myongdong in Seoul, 22nd June 2015. People come back.

Consequently Mers is good for me.

My partner is going to renewal shop and staff will join more.

From end of June, people come back to market. But I expect it takes more time to meet tourist and buyers.

So…… Korea Cosmetic Big brothers make big promotions to activate depressed market to invite 200 tourist, wholesalers and logistic agents to let them tour Cosmetic factory, Jeju island popular sites and traditional culture performance..

We can expect many event and promotion after this second-half.


4 thoughts on “Seoul MERS gone and Newly start second-half year.

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your detailed response! I would be very interested in Korean brands that you think are good but are unknown outside of Korea, and what your advice would be.

    If you have time to reply, I suggest using email; on my blog there’s a “contact and follow” page that will give the link to email me directly.

    I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!

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  2. Hi! I’m Jerry Kim.
    Thank you, Crazy snail lady. I’m happy for your interest. I was a shop master of innisfree in Seoul. Now I sell my shares to partner. I’m very happy to leave my shop because I worked for 18 years.
    Still I have my clients who need information and products that I worked together for a long time. I send some of products to foreign friends. I was used to sell goods in for short time with managing my shop.
    I gave up this work because I should stick to computer monitor to catch orders to ship goods soonest. It’s too stressful job. That’s not what I want. And it didn’t make any money.
    I sold QOO10 shop too previously. Well,,,,,, if you need some information for unknown Korea cosmetic brand, I can write you what I know. Sometimes, my foreign friends ask me very strange Korea beauty brand product which I’ve never heard. I do advise them not to use it. Your face is priceless. Do not challenge your face with cheapy product.
    I sell skin care goods, hair goods, make-up goods. But it’s better to give you an advice because wholesale price can be offered you with MOQ or MOP. And normal people is hardly understand wholesale market rule.
    Of course my retail price is cheaper than your internet shopping price. But you should consider shipping cost.
    If you need very unique goods not to find in amazon, please let me know.
    If you need any information, please let me know. I feel very up because of typing this message. Thank you Lady~

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  3. It’s very difficult to have your own business, especially a store! So I understand that even something like MERS can be a benefit, as it gives you a good reason to take a rest.

    I have a question for you. Do you sell to overseas customers? If so, do you have a product list available? I’m always looking for new and interesting skincare to try, especially masks, and I know that there are so many varieties that are not sold outside of Korea.

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