China protect own beauty company. Small biz traders in trouble….


China protects own beauty company. Small biz traders in trouble….



As you know,  Chinese Customs House whistled Korea cosmetic products not to cross a border.  Just top brand can export for itself.

From June 2015, China Custom House proclaimed that cosmetic hand-carry-cargo cannot go into China.

For long time, small biz owner sent cargo with cheap transport cost by hand carry service to China.
We had no problem, but from Feb.2015, Chinese board Customs officer hold or returned a hand carry cargo without notice. If you’re lucky, Customs house give you a reason. Most of case, cargo have kept in Board Customs warehouse. That’s signal of problem.


I advised clients to divide shipment under 15kg. Because of transport cost, traders bind cargo not separate.

Some of these cargo impounded in China Customs or pended in the long line to declare.

One of client sent goods in Feb.2015 and his friend took it in May in China. Without explain, no excuse, they should wait and wait. I understand their pain physically and emotionally.

They cannot sell goods in the market because of dirty shape.

If you plan to send cargo to China, you’d better discuss with professional transporter.








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