Fake? Real? hard to find-out (Mayu cream by Guerisson)

Fake? Real? Hard to find out.


Popular Korea beauty products distributed in China and South-East Asia.

The problem is that people cannot find out fake products.

Frankly speaking, in this time, I’m not able to distinguish fake and real without advise.

Yesterday I saw famous fake goods.



Mayu cream by Guerisson. Fake(left)…. Real(right)


Mayu cream by Guerisson. Left (fake)…. Right(real)


Do you find out difference of both goods?

Answer is color of horse and bay leaves. Real cream has more rich color.


Mayu cream by Guerisson(producted by Claire’s) is too famous, so it’s needless to explain.  Mayu cream is made by horse oil. If you search an effect of horse oil, you would like to try this product.

2014, Mayu cream sold over 100 billion dolloar in China market.

Up to my experience, mayu cream is too rich. I love fresh and light texture.

My staff has skin trouble (acne& red face) after using mayu cream because of oily texture, I think. Normally her face is very bright and clean. Therefore it’s mayu cream trouble.

She abused this company and got money back.

In spite of creamy texture, whitening&moisture effect is very good for me. I used it very very small.

At first, you should test products.

Korean lady loves a transparent clean face. It makes you look younger. We believe it.

Whatever, I think, you cannot find out real and fake.


Real Mayu cream is USD54.00.

Fake Mayu cream is USD8.00.


Mayu cream and Cloud 9 cream(anti-freckle, whitening) are very famous product in Claire’s.  Whitening, whitening,whitening..

In addition to say, it’s easily discolored. You should check product date and use it soonest. This is a natural cosmetic product.

ha ha….











2 thoughts on “Fake? Real? hard to find-out (Mayu cream by Guerisson)

  1. How are you! I appreciate your e-mail. cloud 9 is known as whitening cream. Up to sudden popularity in China market, cloud 9 has big trouble of fake products. I’m not sure of its whitening effect because I’m very critical person at beauty product. But try it one time. If fake product is being, cloud 9 has something. I think.


  2. Hi… Jerry. I wanna know CLOUD 9 cream. Is this whitening cream? sticky? very thick? Mayu brand is popular in Seoul?


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