About Me… Jerry



This is my personal review after using mask sheet in Korea.
I live in Seoul Korea with 6 year old boy and  16 month girl. I’m 40. Already….
And I left shop after MERS in Seoul June,2015. I worked 9 to 6 everyday in company. I was exhausted…


From now I’m free…

I’m a handler of Korean mask sheet wholesale market.  The most of my clients is middle size owner or business beginner who need some information with small quantity goods with good price. That’s difficult request.

I met  a few of suffered biz owners who lost their starting money to cheaters in cosmetic trader. It’s very sorry.


If you need some advise not only masksheet but also other matter, I can suggest you a kind of things, if I know.


My very unique friend asked me to send pet’s disposable wrap pad. He loved dogs too much so I send him some pet products, too.  Korea pad is better and cheaper than his country thing.

Also you can purchase maskpacks from me. But amazon is better price for minimum quantity

If you cannot find special something in amazon, then let me know.

Please e-mail me.(jerry19980525@gmail.com)
Because of my poor English, I should keep practice my English through writing mask sheet reviews and recommends.
And I expect to know a lot of kind of World mask sheet which used by my blog readers. Asian and European have very different taste to purchase cosmetic goods. Interesting!


Before my 40, I have run and run without stop, now I want to walk with my biz and family. I want to enjoy my life.

The sharing of cosmetic information  is a part of my job.


I hope my life success with good people.
This is my dream.

Jerry Kim.


27 thoughts on “About Me… Jerry

  1. Jerry! Long time no see~ My friend and I got your box. I appreciate your advise. Besides, if there’s other event, please e-mail me. With animal masks, we have great great party. Everybody liked…


  2. Dear Alexa
    Thank you for your kind comment. And if you have any question, please e-mail me. Besides, I have very funny masks. I sent it with your mask sheets. Please enjoy funny masks in your kits. Have good day!


  3. Innisfree is my favorite of the Korean skincare stores. I like its their consistency in marketing and the nature approach they take. To buy things I searched e-bay and amazon and aliexpress. I cannot buy it in road shop because on-line shop is cheaper than road shop. The one problem is I cannot ask product by on-line shop. There’s no answer usually. And I found Jerry’s. First time, I couldn’t find how I can order. And e-mail Jerry. That’s irritating. But Jerry advised me a lot of new masksheet. I got mask sheets by mail and I satisfy its quality and surprised at its product date. It was producted just 3 weeks ago. I’ll e-mail you again. Thanks Jerry.


  4. Hello Sheron W.
    Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hesitate you. In fact, my friend wants to talk me about goods’ quality & price often. On line shopping mall system is easy to buy&sell. But the first time purchaser has some confusion to choose in many types of face mask. If you have any question, please e-mail me.


  5. Hello my friend. How you find me? I’m pleased at your e-mail. I didn’t work forawhile because of baby. So I sold shop with all of my sales list. Because of promise with new shop master, I cannot touch with my old friends… I’ll e-mail you, Nana. Thank you…


  6. Jerry, how are you! it’s Nana at Coscos. Remember me? our member ask me where you are..so I gave them your new blog. can you e-mail me with 10+10 event price? I heard you still sell maskpack in cheap price.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi…Lee. Please understand my side. Qty is under 100pcs. I offered you very very low price, as you know. In this time, I’ll send you a calender. Well…. I’m waiting your fedex COD account number. I think “collect charge” is very expensive.


  8. Hi..Miss Yang. Still your shoulder is problem? Better go to the hospital.Besides, I quit Qoo10 because of high commission and lots of handwork. I like blog. It’s more comfortable. And I feel it’s more kind. ….Well, your hotpack set… I just have shoulder hotpack. Other goods price is up a little. I email you invoice with goods photo. E-mail me.


  9. Ms.Kim… I catch you up. I lost your hotpacks in Qoo10. My hot pack is popped in microwave. I need same hotpack set. e-mail me…


  10. Jerry. Can you discount on me? When you take my other goods, please e-mail. I’d like to ship goods in one time……..Lee,HW


  11. Hello, Jerry! I e-mailed you. I need your wholesale price. Discount promotion closed? Your Qoo10 goods disappeared. I’m waiting…Lee,H.W.


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