SEP “Corest mask” – Luxury face lifting mask

“Corset mask” in Luxury skin clinic – SEP corset mask sheet.




This is not popular masksheet because of high price.

But “SEP corset mask” gains its reputation by customers who go to clinic to take care of their youth.

This mask sheet is known as high-class sheet.

SEP Corset mask sheet is known as luxury skin clinic mask in Seoul, Korea.


Word of mouth marketing is very effective for beauty product.

Day by day, my client questioned me this mask sheet.

And SEP company starts its brand marketing in wholesale distributors.


Like its name “corset mask”,  main effect of this mask is face lifting.

It’s needless to say a word. I ask you to try it.

You can enjoy face lifting with hyrated gel mask. Plus its lace is very unique and beautiful.











[Corset mask US$9.00 during sales promotion]




Funny facial masksheet – Royal Skin Animal Mask series

Last week, there was 1+1 sales promotion of SNP Animal mask sheet. So, until today, I pack and send packages.

Today I’d like to introduce you other brand of animal mask sheet.

Brand name is Royal Skin which is very famous for snail mask sheet. Made in Korea!


Royal Skin – snail mask sheet is top product for Chinese tourist.  Especially Chinese lady love snail mask sheet.

At first time, I didn’t like snail mask sheet because I don’t like snail.

To sell this masksheet, I had to try snail masksheet, then I changed my mind. I love snail mask sheet now.

No words need. Just try it.

And this brand sell body patch. Something is for wrinkle free and others for its unique effect. It’s funny and interesting.


Animal mask sheet has each effect but I think, its most valuable thing is fun memory.




[Royal Skin animal mask sheet series US$3.00/sheet. ]










10+10 PROMOTION_ SNP Animal mask sheet. only one day! Friday 2015.03.27.

Dear My Friends


I should have to tell you 10+10 innisfree masksheet day in February 2015.

Too many friends threw a stone at me because I didn’t notice it.


At this time, again, we have only one day. 2015.03.27. Friday! One day!

In fact, it’s projected suddenly. So, there’s limited stocks.

So, if you want some of them, e-mail me ( If you have my phone number, send me a message.

I’ll hold yours at first. Until Friday night!


SNP is Korea Cosmetic Lab for hospital and clinic. It has very long history and confidence brand.

SNP 동물마스크

4 types Animal mask sheet

SNP 동물마스크 박스포장

Animal mask sheet box (10sheet)











SNP Animal mask sheet series!

1.Tiger — wrinkle mask US$3/sheet

2.Panda — whitening mask US$3/sheet

3.Otter — aqua mask US$3/sheet

4.Dragon — soothing mask US$3/sheet



This is cotton sheet essence mask sheet.

SNP 동물마스크 근접사진


Roommate play with funny mask sheet!

Roommate play with funny mask sheet!

SNP Animal maskpack series …….  US3.00/sheet


잭슨호랑이팩 써니와 잭슨의 동물마스크팩 다같이 동물팩



The introduction of Animal mask sheet created a huge sensation in this spring.

In this season, when animal maskpack is displayed, it disappear at once.

Many young couples bought several types of animal masksheets.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Skin care with fun.


Yesterday, young lady grabbed this packs over 100pcs. I asked her why. And she’s planning to make Friday party and she’ll give animal masksheet to her friends that night. Good idea! I gave her a few of animal mask sheet from other brand for free.

Have good Friday party!





Have fun! Animal mask sheet with friends and family.

Have fun! Animal mask sheet with friends and family.

Skin9 Animal mask series … US$3.00/sheet


Mask sheet is trend. Many celebrities using in their private life.  It’s very popular things.

One of Korean famous singer used very unique mask sheet. And this mask sheet is very funny. Of course, its quality and function has no different with generally mask sheet.



This is one of new trend to enjoy with family with mask sheet.

I almost passed out to laugh when I see below photo.



You need not worry about color of mask. There’s no problem at discoloration. This mask sheet has its unique function like whitening, wrinkle free, hydrating and etc.


Have fun with unique mask sheet.



Skin thirst relieve Bamboo facial mask

Skin thirst relieve – Bamboo facial mask

“innisfree it’s real squeeze mask” …….. US$1/sheet


Bamboo is used in Chinese medicine for treating infections and healing.

And its cool character helps to soothe skin trouble and face heat.


Bamboo enhances moods and helps relieve nervous tension. Because of bamboo’s cold scent, I love to walk in bamboo grove. When I’m stressed much, I leave to go to the mountain or forest.  This walking makes me relaxed and recharges my energy.


There’s no need to say a word, no talk. I like this calm and silence. If I close eyes, I’m able to follow wind path. And I like cool bamboo scent. I feel freshness.

In Chinese culture, bamboo is symbol of uprightness and friendship.

After walking in bamboo forest, there’s bamboo tea cafe in side of road. If I’m hungry, I can enjoy bamboo meal in front of bamboo forest. I like bamboo rice.



대나무     1.manufacture : Innisfree of origin : Republic of Korea

3.volume : 20ml

4.major ingredients : bamboo extract (200mg), orange peel extract, orchid extract, camellia leaf extract, fruit extract of baeknyeoncho (=cactus) water,glycerin, butylenes glycol, cetyl ethylhexanoate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, citrus paradisi(grapefruit)

5.product description : Provide rich moisture for dry skin.  Jeju green complex penetrate deep into skin providing moisture for bright and clear skin. Tripe layer sheet provide long lasting moisture and keep essence moist for long hours giving quick skin absorption. to use : after face wash use toner. take out the mask, apply onto face gently.remove after 15minutes, tap lightly the excess amount of essence for absorption.

























I want to go there again and shower a scent of bamboo winds.