Innisfree “Black purifying mask” series … whitening care

Innisfree black mask is very popular to whitening care at home.

It looks uncomfortable. Black mask series has its fan.  Because of black kind of ingredients, I think mask sheet is black.

Belows are back side of product. They explain many many good things.  Well, not bad.  Do not see mirror.

Try it and please write a comment.


Ingredients  : Niacin amide, black bean extract, acai berry extract, black garlic extract, black berry extract, black sesame extract, blueberry

Product Description  : Creates foundation to absorb nutrition to skin with purifying function of charcoal.  : Offers mineral and moisture at the same time to create bright and energetic skin.  : Contains black food that is effective for antioxidant effect and moisture to offer transparency and resilience to remain healthy and firm skin.   How to use    1. After cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner.  2. Pull out a mask and attach all over face except the mouth and eyes.  3. After 10-20 minutes, remove a sheet and pat lightly for absorption.



[Innisfree Black Purifying Mask ……………….US$4.00]




[Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask……………. US$2.50]

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