Date eve, light-up your face tone with maskpack

Today I read news paper article which says Korean woman takes a maskpack sheet easily to prepare date with boyfriend.

I agree this but reporter forget one thing. Before taking maskpack, you’d better remove dead skin cell first. If then, maskpack serum dig into your face easier and faster. Skin will absorb moisture and nutrition more.

The next day, you feel, your make-up is more natural and skin texture is more soft.

Well,,,, always my face makes trouble before important day. Pimples. I think my pimples knows my special day so they jump out before that day……



My recommend :

1. cleansing your dead skin cell and remove your sebum with Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask [US$13.00 100ml]



2. wash clay mask then try Innisfree “eco science white C hydro gel mask” ………. US$2.00


3. Deep sleep






Innisfree “Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask” it upgrades my skn.

Innisfree “Super Volcanic pore clay mask” …. best reference clay mask pack


Recently the hottest product is suer volcanic pore clay mask.

I also use it because shop master told me its high quality and low price compare to other company clay mask.  Very creamy and soft. And it drys too fast. So you make it very quick on face.  Volcanic capsule removes dead skin cell after smooth touch.

I think this is multi player. Pore tightening + Sebum removal + Dead skin cell remove + Deep cleansing  + cleansing effect

After washing face, you feel skin texture is brighter and pores are tightened. And Cool feeling.

This is my first time to use clay mask pack.

I didn’t know how to use it.

1. after washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner.

2. apply all over face except the eyes and mouth gently.

3. rinse off with warm water after 10 minutes (apply 1~2 times a week)

4. also mix with mask and foaming cleanser in 1:1 and apply all over face, massage with lather after 5 minutes.

If you try it a few time then using whitening maskpack sheet, you can take ceramic skin.


Innisfree “Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask” ………..US$13.00/100ml