SEP “Corest mask” – Luxury face lifting mask

“Corset mask” in Luxury skin clinic – SEP corset mask sheet.




This is not popular masksheet because of high price.

But “SEP corset mask” gains its reputation by customers who go to clinic to take care of their youth.

This mask sheet is known as high-class sheet.

SEP Corset mask sheet is known as luxury skin clinic mask in Seoul, Korea.


Word of mouth marketing is very effective for beauty product.

Day by day, my client questioned me this mask sheet.

And SEP company starts its brand marketing in wholesale distributors.


Like its name “corset mask”,  main effect of this mask is face lifting.

It’s needless to say a word. I ask you to try it.

You can enjoy face lifting with hyrated gel mask. Plus its lace is very unique and beautiful.











[Corset mask US$9.00 during sales promotion]




Asian lady has baby face. Why?

Depend on my experience, Asian and Westerner have very different in beauty product purchasing list. Asian lady easily buy skin care products just like sunblock, skin lotion, serum, facial maskpacks. Westerner buy makeup products just like lipstick, shadow, manicure and colorful products.

Asian loves baby face. Westerner loves sexy face. This view point makes difference.

The base of Baby face is skin. So Asian lady purchase many skin care product very often.

I think, Shiny face is essential point of beautiful lady in Asia.

Because of this point of view, beauty trend of cosmetic is brightening with moist clean face in Asia.

I think that youth and beauty walk together.

Sometimes we can see, same age of Asia lady look younger than Western lady.

I’d like to suggest Western lady purchase more skincare goods.

Masksheet is cheap and simple and convenient products for your young face.

Try it today.

Please do not expect magical change with maskpack.

If you want dramatic change, you’d better meet Korean Cosmetic doctor.

There’re many miracle celebrities.





Working mam’s must-have face pack is second skin masksheet.

Second skin maskpack has 4 different type.  [moisture, nourishing,brightening,lift-up,anti-trouble]

And “moisture” and “nourishing” are the most popular in Korea.

It’s No.1 sold-out product.

Depend on cosmetic magazine, South East Asian lady love “brightening and moisture” mask.

Its biocellulous sheet is same in Lancom, Sulwhasoo and other Luxury brand. Compared to luxury brand masksheet, innisfree maskpack is very very cheep. With my experience, moisture maskpack is really good.





At first time, I just covered this maskpack without taking off cover film. You should use only sheet. Because I thought a netting cover film is masksheet. It’s not.


Can you figure out the difference?

The first is cotton sheet, second is gel type and the last is biocellulous mask.

If you are super sensitive, you’d better take an organic cotton masksheet. For me, gel type and biocellulous type are good. Because I can’t relax in bed when I take a maskpack.  When I leave office, I should take children in kindergarten. After taking care of my children’s dinner, I have to work home cleanning and washing clothes and etc. Endless job is waiting me. So, I do work with gel mask pack. haha.

My face is burning next to heater in the office. I need soothing maskpack.

In the office, my site is very closed to heater.

When it’s cold weather, it’s good. But my face is always burning.

My cheekbone is going to be red and face loose moisture, I feel.

In this winter, I pay attention to put moisture into my face. Especially this time, gel mask is sticked to my mind.

Please do not blame my expensive habit.  Because I’m precious…. …

I like a moisture gel mask because it sticked to my face and very cool. I feel my face grab some water.

Sheet is like a netting. When I use this, I put mask on my face not to remove cover films.

Serum on maskpack doesn’t flow down.

Price is so evil. So, I bought them during sale promotion. If you want this maskpack, at first, you’d better check sales promotion.


[Innisfree  ” second skin mask”   ……..  US$4.30 / sheet]

1.moisture …………. my most favorit






1.moisture 2.전체사진 2.moisture


Date eve, light-up your face tone with maskpack

Today I read news paper article which says Korean woman takes a maskpack sheet easily to prepare date with boyfriend.

I agree this but reporter forget one thing. Before taking maskpack, you’d better remove dead skin cell first. If then, maskpack serum dig into your face easier and faster. Skin will absorb moisture and nutrition more.

The next day, you feel, your make-up is more natural and skin texture is more soft.

Well,,,, always my face makes trouble before important day. Pimples. I think my pimples knows my special day so they jump out before that day……



My recommend :

1. cleansing your dead skin cell and remove your sebum with Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask [US$13.00 100ml]



2. wash clay mask then try Innisfree “eco science white C hydro gel mask” ………. US$2.00


3. Deep sleep





Innisfree “Soybean energy mask” with fermented bean extract

Depend on seller this mask pack is premium line.

I understand why after using this mask.

This mask sheet is different with other sheet. It’s biocellulose sheet so it provides like 2nd skin high fitting application. Up to product detail, it contains Jeju Island green beans ferment extract.

I think it has rich moisture and skily skin serum. I feel long lasting moisture.  Very good. I presented it to mother.


[Innisfree “Soybean energy mask” with fermented bean extract….   US$4.00]


발효마스크     soybean energy mask




Innisfree “Hero transformers mask” series for my man

This is character maskpack for man.

When I see it at first, I laughed. Have you ever thought of man’s cubic face similar to robot?

This is gel mask sheet and two different type.

I put B.Bee on my father’s face when he came back from weekends’ soccer game. Of course, I keep it in the refrigerator. So mask pack was very cool and father’s hot face was cooled. He was too satisfied of my mask pack service. And he gave me a pocket money. That was cool…

I think B.Bee is better than Optimus prime….



[Innisfree hero transformers mask]

1.Optimus Prime ……………US$3.00

   This is wrinkle improvement mask with acai berry and collagen ingredient.


2.Bumble Bee ……………………………US$3.00

This is whitening silky mask with lemon and vitamin C for men.

트렌스포머 세트