Crazy shop promotion gift set until April 25, 2015. Cauliflower mushroom vital cream with Jeju sparkling mineral essence.

Innisfree Cauliflower mushroom vital cream with Jeju sparkling mineral essence promotion set  — US$77.00

Until April 25, 2015


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[Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Essence with Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Cream set is US$77.00]

In this Spring, there’re several sales event with Innisfree friends.

This is my desk.

Cauliflower mushroom vital cream set with sparkling mineral essence gift set include as belows.

1. innisfree soybean energy special set (essence with cream)

2. innisfree soybean firming serum

3. innisfree orchid enriched cream

4.cauliflower lotion, essence, eye cream  2 sets

5. it’s real squeeze mask sheet 10 pcs

6. water bottle

I think this is too many…..

Cauliflower mushroom vital cream(60ml) special set and Jeju sparkling mineral essence (70g),  these two items are selected promotion target.

I like to write mask sheet something, but I already write about Sparkling mineral essence.

Because composition of promotion set is amazing, I’d like to share information with you.

If you purchase these together until April 25. 2015, you can take all cosmetics in my desk. Look above picture.

Please do not ask other innisfree shop, this promotion is only from me.

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[innisfree cauliflower mushroom vital cream special set and jeju sparkling mineral essence]

Cauliflower mushroom vital cream special set with Jeju sparkling mineral essence.

Cauliflower mushroom vital cream is anti-aging line. In common, anti-aging cosmetic line is very expensive and higher stand.

You can enjoy its hydrated texture. In fact, a cream is US$50.00. We make a gift set with cream and eye cream and lotion.

Jeju sparkling mineral essence is very famous of its lightness.

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[innisfree “soybean energy special kit and soybean firming serum and 10 mask sheets and cauliflower mushroom vital special kit]

Innisfree soybean firming line is famous of its ingredient which is made by 91% ferment soybean.  Not oily!

Ferment Soybean ingredients enhance face brightness and elastic face line. And soybean line price is a little evil.

In this time, you can test it yourself.

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innisfree orchid enriched cream is for night cream, I think.

What special? Well, orchid ingredient? Someone love orchid line and others don’t like.

It’s CF campaign is making a baby face. I failed so I live with my old face. But try it yourself. 

You can challenge pictures of before and after cosmetic consumer review at innisfree company.

This is very big price. You can be a customer model…. Who know? Honestly I say.

I always confuse why there’re too many products. Very same effectiveness and very similar quality they have. This is my personal opinion.

Many people have each character. And many cosmetic have each unique natural material. You can choose cosmetics with material standard. This is my choice.

Sometimes I cannot suggest a right goods for my friend. So, I ask friend what kind of material or ingredient she/he likes.

Someone like soybean and others like cauliflower mushroom…. orchid…..

Try it yourself it the best way.


Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Essence for Man and Lady. Sales promotion until April 25th, 2015


Innisfree Mineral Sparkling Essence (70g) is sales promotion. It’s US$28.00. (excluded shipping cost)

This is best selling product.

Until April 25th, 2015, if you purchase this, you can take a small size of same essence with bottle.

Do not ask other innisfree shop. Shop has their own sales promotion. It’s very individual.

This is not masksheet. So I didn’t update this promotion. But some of friends asked me about sparkling essence.

스파클링 미네럴 에쎈스

This essence has sparkling so, in the bottle, there’s bead. It’s bead sound.

Essence is very like sparkling water. So friends love sparkling line product. It’s very light. And absorbed very soon.

In fact, sparkling line is for man. There’s no problem to use man and woman.

스파클링 미네럴 에쎈스 2

Essence is this type. It’s very light and it has little scent. Or light fresh scent I think.

스파클링 미네럴 에쎈스 보틀

This is bottle.

It’s not expensive but quality is very good essence.

10+10 PROMOTION_ SNP Animal mask sheet. only one day! Friday 2015.03.27.

Dear My Friends


I should have to tell you 10+10 innisfree masksheet day in February 2015.

Too many friends threw a stone at me because I didn’t notice it.


At this time, again, we have only one day. 2015.03.27. Friday! One day!

In fact, it’s projected suddenly. So, there’s limited stocks.

So, if you want some of them, e-mail me ( If you have my phone number, send me a message.

I’ll hold yours at first. Until Friday night!


SNP is Korea Cosmetic Lab for hospital and clinic. It has very long history and confidence brand.

SNP 동물마스크

4 types Animal mask sheet

SNP 동물마스크 박스포장

Animal mask sheet box (10sheet)











SNP Animal mask sheet series!

1.Tiger — wrinkle mask US$3/sheet

2.Panda — whitening mask US$3/sheet

3.Otter — aqua mask US$3/sheet

4.Dragon — soothing mask US$3/sheet



This is cotton sheet essence mask sheet.

SNP 동물마스크 근접사진


Have fun! Animal mask sheet with friends and family.

Have fun! Animal mask sheet with friends and family.

Skin9 Animal mask series … US$3.00/sheet


Mask sheet is trend. Many celebrities using in their private life.  It’s very popular things.

One of Korean famous singer used very unique mask sheet. And this mask sheet is very funny. Of course, its quality and function has no different with generally mask sheet.



This is one of new trend to enjoy with family with mask sheet.

I almost passed out to laugh when I see below photo.



You need not worry about color of mask. There’s no problem at discoloration. This mask sheet has its unique function like whitening, wrinkle free, hydrating and etc.


Have fun with unique mask sheet.



Innisfree “Hero transformers mask” series for my man

This is character maskpack for man.

When I see it at first, I laughed. Have you ever thought of man’s cubic face similar to robot?

This is gel mask sheet and two different type.

I put B.Bee on my father’s face when he came back from weekends’ soccer game. Of course, I keep it in the refrigerator. So mask pack was very cool and father’s hot face was cooled. He was too satisfied of my mask pack service. And he gave me a pocket money. That was cool…

I think B.Bee is better than Optimus prime….



[Innisfree hero transformers mask]

1.Optimus Prime ……………US$3.00

   This is wrinkle improvement mask with acai berry and collagen ingredient.


2.Bumble Bee ……………………………US$3.00

This is whitening silky mask with lemon and vitamin C for men.

트렌스포머 세트


Innisfree “Extreme Power Military Mask” series for my man’s mask

As you know, man’s face is more dimensional than woman.

Sometimes, I gave my facial mask pack to brother. He complain always, my mask pack is too small to his face. The hole of eye, nose and mouth doesn’t fit well.

When I was searching new mask product, I found “Men’s mask”.

Depend on innisfree “extreme power military mask”, men also need soothing, moisturizing and whitening care like lady.

I think if your man has some interest in skin care, he’ll like to try this one.


[Innisfree “extreme power military mask”  ]

1. Before going on leave <whitening mask> ……………….. US$2.00

2. After military training <remove dead skin cell> …….. US$2.00

3. After doing overtime work <nutrition> ………………….. US$2.00

4. After field work <soothing> ……………………………………. US$2.00


천하무적 전체

Innisfree “Black purifying mask” series … whitening care

Innisfree black mask is very popular to whitening care at home.

It looks uncomfortable. Black mask series has its fan.  Because of black kind of ingredients, I think mask sheet is black.

Belows are back side of product. They explain many many good things.  Well, not bad.  Do not see mirror.

Try it and please write a comment.


Ingredients  : Niacin amide, black bean extract, acai berry extract, black garlic extract, black berry extract, black sesame extract, blueberry

Product Description  : Creates foundation to absorb nutrition to skin with purifying function of charcoal.  : Offers mineral and moisture at the same time to create bright and energetic skin.  : Contains black food that is effective for antioxidant effect and moisture to offer transparency and resilience to remain healthy and firm skin.   How to use    1. After cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner.  2. Pull out a mask and attach all over face except the mouth and eyes.  3. After 10-20 minutes, remove a sheet and pat lightly for absorption.



[Innisfree Black Purifying Mask ……………….US$4.00]




[Innisfree Black Purifying Eye Mask……………. US$2.50]

블랙 아이 마스크