Asian lady has baby face. Why?

Depend on my experience, Asian and Westerner have very different in beauty product purchasing list. Asian lady easily buy skin care products just like sunblock, skin lotion, serum, facial maskpacks. Westerner buy makeup products just like lipstick, shadow, manicure and colorful products.

Asian loves baby face. Westerner loves sexy face. This view point makes difference.

The base of Baby face is skin. So Asian lady purchase many skin care product very often.

I think, Shiny face is essential point of beautiful lady in Asia.

Because of this point of view, beauty trend of cosmetic is brightening with moist clean face in Asia.

I think that youth and beauty walk together.

Sometimes we can see, same age of Asia lady look younger than Western lady.

I’d like to suggest Western lady purchase more skincare goods.

Masksheet is cheap and simple and convenient products for your young face.

Try it today.

Please do not expect magical change with maskpack.

If you want dramatic change, you’d better meet Korean Cosmetic doctor.

There’re many miracle celebrities.






Innisfree “Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask” it upgrades my skn.

Innisfree “Super Volcanic pore clay mask” …. best reference clay mask pack


Recently the hottest product is suer volcanic pore clay mask.

I also use it because shop master told me its high quality and low price compare to other company clay mask.  Very creamy and soft. And it drys too fast. So you make it very quick on face.  Volcanic capsule removes dead skin cell after smooth touch.

I think this is multi player. Pore tightening + Sebum removal + Dead skin cell remove + Deep cleansing  + cleansing effect

After washing face, you feel skin texture is brighter and pores are tightened. And Cool feeling.

This is my first time to use clay mask pack.

I didn’t know how to use it.

1. after washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner.

2. apply all over face except the eyes and mouth gently.

3. rinse off with warm water after 10 minutes (apply 1~2 times a week)

4. also mix with mask and foaming cleanser in 1:1 and apply all over face, massage with lather after 5 minutes.

If you try it a few time then using whitening maskpack sheet, you can take ceramic skin.


Innisfree “Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask” ………..US$13.00/100ml



Innisfree “Soybean energy mask” with fermented bean extract

Depend on seller this mask pack is premium line.

I understand why after using this mask.

This mask sheet is different with other sheet. It’s biocellulose sheet so it provides like 2nd skin high fitting application. Up to product detail, it contains Jeju Island green beans ferment extract.

I think it has rich moisture and skily skin serum. I feel long lasting moisture.  Very good. I presented it to mother.


[Innisfree “Soybean energy mask” with fermented bean extract….   US$4.00]


발효마스크     soybean energy mask




Innisfree “Elbow & Heel patch” ………. review

[Innisfree “Elbow & Heel patch” ……………. US$3.00 ]


Last weekend, I visited Innisfree shop and that was 50% DC day.

Awesome! I bought this patch because my heel is coverd to dead skin cell.  Up to product description, it can remove dead skin cells on elbows, knees and heels. It contains eucalyptus and tea tree herbs.

Well, I cleaned my feet and applied patch to heels and left those next morning.  For me, it’s not bad.

팔발 뒤꿈치 패치




Innisfree “White tone up 3D sheet mask”….face care with neck

This is face and neck care mask pack. Because of this uniq shape, I tried it. Well, I should take care of my neck wrinkle. As you know, an age of woman is showen in her neck.

Face and neck masksheet is strange to use at first time. Up to maskpack effect and efficancy, this pack is for face whitening and wrinkle care. Also berry complex, green complex and grape seel oil provide moisture and nutrition. Product is paraben free, mineral oil free, pigment free and ethanol free. Good….

I think I cannot see the amazing effect in my face and neck. After using this pack, I felt I use more moisture product. But I satisfied to take care of my face with neck in one time.



[Innisfree “White tone up 3D sheet mask” …………….. US$2.00]

3D 마스크 WEBPAGE_20141203_050844

Innisfree “Special care mask” series Hands, Neck&Collarbone, Foot

I work 9 to 6 in front of computer screen. Poor my hands work whole hours to type and draw papers.

I have to take care of my dry hands a week.  And I find out innisfree has hand care mask product.

This is special care mask series… Hands, Neck&Collarbone, Foot.

I used hands and foot. Neck&Collarbone is usually sold-out.  I don’t know why…

Anybody who tried Neck&collarbone mask, please write a comment.



[Innisfree special care mask-Hand………….US$2.50]





[Innisfree Special care mask-foot………….US$2.50]

발 마스크발



[Innisfree special care – neck&collarbone………….. US$2.50]

목 마사크목