Roommate play with funny mask sheet!

Roommate play with funny mask sheet!

SNP Animal maskpack series …….  US3.00/sheet


잭슨호랑이팩 써니와 잭슨의 동물마스크팩 다같이 동물팩



The introduction of Animal mask sheet created a huge sensation in this spring.

In this season, when animal maskpack is displayed, it disappear at once.

Many young couples bought several types of animal masksheets.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Skin care with fun.


Yesterday, young lady grabbed this packs over 100pcs. I asked her why. And she’s planning to make Friday party and she’ll give animal masksheet to her friends that night. Good idea! I gave her a few of animal mask sheet from other brand for free.

Have good Friday party!