Chance to take Korea Cosmetics since Mersc in Korea

Korea Cosmetic Industry and Mers in Korea  June, 2015


Generally I’m very too busy to enter wordpress from April to June… Before Summer Vance, many event and price off days makes me exhaust. But 2015 May to June, I have early Summer vacation because of MERSC.

The most of my client, shop visitors are Chinese. And my e-mail clients are almost Asian.

Up to MERSC in Korea, most of my client hold their visiting and purchasing.

For me and my staff, at first time, we were  happy for sudden breaking time. A week later, we’re worring of our slow sales. Two week after, one staff gone her early Summer vacation.

Well, I think this is very good chance for whole saler and midsize-saler to collect their cosmetic bucket with good price.

It was difficult to bind wholesale products with low price in general. Korea beauty product specially masksheet was always limited to supply and purchase. But nowaday, I can collect enough quantity of product in wholesale market because of MERSC. Factories and Cosmetic Brands have red sign for export and canceled goods flowed into wholesales  market. So… if you plan to get Korea goods, this is time.

Mersc will not follow products.